Parallel Views

A multi-spectral and 3D photography blog


I love the outdoors and the north, and many of my photos will reflect that. I have traveled extensively in Canada and the western United States.

All 3D photos are visible with  red/cyan 3D glasses. 3D photos are taken by having two photos superimposed- one photo is taken to the left of the other photo. Normally, I use a custom made 3D tripod with two cameras for most medium-range pictures. The cameras are about 4 inches apart, resulting in a slightly exaggerated 3D effect.  I either reposition a single camera or use a timer(or a second person) on a second camera for 3D at long ranges. For closeups, I either move the cameras or the object slightly to create a 3D effect.

Visible light has a wavelength of about 400 to 700 nanometres(nm) Ultraviolet photos have a shorter wavelength, while infrared have a longer wavelength.

The multi-spectral photos are mainly taken with a modified Canon T3i  camera. I have a variety of filters I use depending on what wavelength I wish to use. AS I post photos, I’ll got into specifics about what filter I am using. In general, though, I have some generic filters(brand unknown) to block all light with a shorter wavelength than: 680 nm, 720 nm, 760 nm, 850 nm, or 950 nm. A Schott UG11 filter allows me to combine infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths, and adding a Schott BG40 lens allows me to focus on ultraviolet. There are also some custom made lenses I use.

For Thermal Photos, deep in the infrared range, I use a Seek Reveal camera. It is a low budget thermal camera, and is fairly durable.  The resolution is low, however, so photo quality will not be as good as in other photos.

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