First Post!


… I guess how that normally goes. if you want a bit more detail, however, here goes:

Since 2008, I’ve been interested in 3D photography(hence the name of the blog), and have been playing around with infrared and full spectrum photography since 2013. With an ever growing stockpile of photographs on my hard drive, I thought I’d use this blog to post some of my favourites. Once I figure out how to use the site(maybe by February), I’m hoping to post three times per week. My goal is one post featuring 3D photos, one featuring multi-spectral photos, and a third on whatever I feel like (probably mostly ‘normal’ photos).

Anyways, thanks for visiting


My first photo above is Alexandra Falls, in the Northwest Territories. I took this with a 680 nanometre infrared filter, and used a modified Canon Rebel T3i camera. I’ll probably go back to this picture later and compare it with some other photos of the falls.