Red/cyan 3D Glasses are needed to view these photos.


I just got back from a trip down to Kamloops, and just thought I’d post these photo while I’m trying to get back into a regular schedule.

Kamloops is the nearest large city to Prince George. It’s ‘only’ six hours drive away, so it’s not too difficult to go there on a weekend trip(at least judged by Northern Canada standards: if you can get there in one tank of gas, it’s considered close). The population is similar to PG, but the similarities end there. While Prince George is right in the boreal forest, Kamloops is in the dry, arid regions of the province. By the way, there is a little bit of a friendly rivalry between Kamloops and Prince George, but I won’t let that affect my writing. That would be uncalled for. It’s not their fault that the inhabitants are so feeble that they can’t stand a real winter.

I’ve been to Kamloops enough times to more-or-less know my way around the streets, but I still find new and interesting little spots every time I visit. Springs the best time to visit, in my mind, as the summers are blisteringly hot and only crazy people would want to be outside(seriously, if If I do visit in summer, I usually stop and swim at the lake either in Kamloops or at Steelhead Provincial Park in Savona, a half-hour’s drive away, and go for a swim). It is also dusty and dry in summer, and Kamloops alsh has had a lot of issues with fires in the last few years. Air quality was really an issue there during the fires two years ago. Unlike Prince George, where our lungs are trained and seasoned with help from the refinery and pulp mills, poor Kamloops just can’t handle the smoke.

On this last trip, I found a lookout over the city. It’s not my fault I didn’t see it before, as it is cleverly hidden by being right beside the major route into the downtown core(Columbia Street W), with only a few small road signs pointing the way to it and one large sign with ‘Kamloops Scenic Outlook‘. Obviously the city is trying to keep the lookout secret to visitors, but I cleverly outwitted them. Take that, Kamloops locals!

Anyhow, the Prince George civic pride Police are warning me that I’m talking too much about Kamloops and might encourage more people to visit it, so picture time!


From the lookout, here’s the city.

2019 04 21 12;29 _MG_3704

This photo is looking north; the downtown is off-side to the right. There wasn’t a clear view from this lookout, however.

I only had a couple different lenses with me; here is the same view with my Zomei 680 nm filter.

2019 04 21 12;26 _MG_4084

The clear sky is more visible in this photo; I didn’t think that the haze affected the visible spectrum photo as much as it did, but the comparison between the two makes it obvious.

Finally, with my Schott UG11 dual band filter photo, the sky isn’t as clear

2019 04 21 12;27 _MG_4086


That’s about it, for this time. I’ve been told to say that the next several posts will be detailing, in minute detail, every reason why Prince George is better than Kamloops.



… I just need to think of a reason first.


The above photos were taken with a modified Canon Rebel T3i camera.