… okay, not really; I’m using my short pass filter again. I thought it would be a good photo for Mother’s day, though.

In 2015 my mother and I were in the United Kingdom together, and we stopped at the town of Lacock on the way to Stonehenge. After having dinner, I took a photo of a rose along the street.

2015 06 03 18;18 R IMG_1446

I also decided to use my Short Pass Filter to photograph the rose. As I mentioned before, the filter allows light with shorter wavelengths of about 450 nm(so blue, violet, and ultraviolet) to pass through the glass, while blocking longer wavelengths. The filter is not a camera filter; I jury rigged it to fit on my camera. It was originally intended for curing Epoxy.

Because it is not intended for photography; there are several oddities with it. One is that there is no way to set a reliable white balance; with an automatic balance, the photos are bright violet. If I work at setting the balance manually, I can usually reduce the violet colour somewhat, but not remove it. This isn’t necessarily a downside; the photos have a unique, surreal look that I haven’t seen anywhere else. In all, it provided a good intermediate filter between a normal photograph and a Ultraviolet photograph(I’m speaking in the past tense here; I lost my filter over the winter. I have a new one that is similar, but not exactly the same).

Hence, the rose. I took two pictures with slightly different white balances(the third photo is my favourite). The orange to the left is unfiltered light bleeding through the side of the filter.

2015 06 03 18;18 _MG_54482015 06 03 18;18 _MG_5449 1

Happy Mother’s Day 2017!