Red/Cyan 3D glasses are needed for this post.

This will be a pretty short post; I can’t think of much to say about the pictures.

In 2012, I was driving the Trans-Canada Highway near Ignace, Ontario. Ignace is a small town in northern Ontario, west of Thunder Bay along Highway 17(the Ontario highway number for the Trans-Canada Highway).2012 06 11 1846 SAM_0564 (Medium)

It was late spring, and felt like summer. I saw several moose along the highway while driving west; they’re not that uncommon where I live, but I still am impressed by their size when I see them.

At the end of 2011, I had finally made a 3-D camera rig with two digital cameras. I had taken 3D photos before then, but using a single camera, changing camera positions. This limited me to still life photos. Having two cameras meant I could now take simultaneous pictures of moving objects… such as wildlife. This rig used with two Samsung  ES25 cameras(I actually had an earlier 3D rig at the beginning of the year, but the cameras were such low quality that I stopped using it after a couple months). I took two three dimensional pictures of the moose that I thought were worth keeping, and here they are:2012 06 11 1722 SAM_0558 (Medium)2012 06 11 1709 SAM_0310 (Medium) This won’t be my last 3D moose picture, but is the last for this trip.