Red/Cyan 3D glasses are needed to view the last two photos.

In late May 2011, I took a three week road trip through the western USA. The goal: to see all the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Western America. And… I failed; there was too much snow to get to Yosemite National Park. I did get to eight of my planned nine sites, though.

The first site I visited was Yellowstone National Park. It wasn’t busy there at the time. That was partly because school was still in session, but also because it had been a long winter, and the snow wasn’t gone yet. There was still a lot of snow especially in the southern portion of the park… and I mean a LOT. Not”hard to walk or to set up your tent” levels of snow, but rather “can’t even reach the top of the snow” levels.

2011 05 18 IMG_9054

Yellowstone Lake was still frozen over, at least from the view viewpoints not obscured by snow.

2011 05 18 IMG_9063

I turned back after taking this photo- there was no way I’d find a campsite with this snow, and the road was closed off further ahead.I drove back to Old Faithful, and spent the night in a motel cabin.

Fast forward a year. In June, I unexpectedly had to drive a car from Ontario to British Columbia(family issues). In Saskatchewan, I decided that as this was going to be my only vacation, I wanted to at least enjoy myself. I cut south into North and South Dakota, then traveled west into Yellowstone again.

This time, the lake had opened up, and the snow had melted, but it was still cold and windy. I cancelled my plans to swim in the lake when I saw the waves.

2012 06 18 1230 IMG_5282

2012 06 18 1237 IMG_5289

This was the first year I had dual cameras set up for 3D- before then, I had used a single camera, altering the camera position slightly between photos. The new camera setup allowed me to take pictures of moving objects(as long as I could press both camera buttons at the same time), and I decided to take full advantage of this, by photographing the spray of the waves hitting the shore. The next two pictures are 3D, and need glasses to view.

2012 06 18 1234 SAM_06112012 06 18 1234 SAM_0613 I have pictures from other areas of Yellowstone Park that I’ll post eventually; the lake isn’t the most impressive site in the park(those would be the geysers, like ‘Old Faithful’). Yellowstone, Like Nahanni, is one of those parks that is too big for me to cover in one post.

The 2D photos were taken with a Canon Powershot SX110 camera; the 3D photos were taken with dual Samsun ES25 cameras.