Red/Cyan 3D glasses are needed to view the following photos.

Well, for no particular reason, I thought I’d show some photos from my trip through Alberta last spring.

Vegreville, a small town in central Alberta, is best known for its roadside attraction, the Vegreville Pysanka. The metal replica of a Pysanka, or Ukrainian Easter Egg, is visible from the highway, and was the worlds largest(it has since been overtaken by an egg in Ukraine).

2017 04 14 16;59 R IMG_6850 (Large)

The egg was commissioned in 1973 to celebrate the centennial of the founding of the RCMP. The  Pysanka was designed by Ron Resch, a computer science professor- the computer modelling of the egg was a complex task. The design is composed of thousands of interlocking pieces, machine cut into the precise shape. The egg pivots on the stand, acting as a weathervane.

2017 04 14 16;59 R IMG_6845 (Large)

The Vegreville Egg visible from Highway 16, one of the Trans-Canada Highways. I’ve been to the Pysanka several times, but only once since I started taking 3D photos. Of course, I didn’t have good weather… in fact, it is the same type of weather I had yesterday. I cancelled my drive for the long weekend this time.

Here’s a 2D photo of Vegreville in better weather.

2008 07 01 (Custom)

Happy Easter!