Red/Cyan 3D glasses are needed to view the following photos.

Well, with B.C Day coming up, I figured I’d look at one of the province’s lesser known parks. Pinnacles Provincial Park is in the centre of the province, on the outskirts of the town of Quesnel. The park, founded in 1969, is fairly small. The highlight of the park is a fairly easy trail along the ridge of a valley(It’s a steep drop, but the edge is fenced off). From this trail, visitors have an excellent view of the town of Quesnel(2D Photo).

2018 05 20 13;30 _MG_6359.jpg

As the name implies, however, the real attraction in the park(and the reason for the park’s existence) is the hoodoos below the trail. Hoodoos aren’t unheard of in central BC, but they aren’t very common either.

2018 05 20 14;01 IMG_3753

The ‘Pinnacles’ of the park are only  about a kilometre along the trail (Like I said; it’s a small park). The trail is fairly wide, and mostly  wheelchair accessible.2018 05 20 13;48 IMG_3725

The creek below isn’t accessible for wheelchairs or hikers, as far as I know(I’m sure there are some small trails that go up it, as that’s normal for this area, but I don’t know where the trailhead is)2018 05 20 13;47 IMG_4130

The park is too small to spend a day hiking, but it’s a good break when driving Highway 97- it is only about 10 minutes to drive from the highway to the park, although it is a little difficult to find without a map.

2018 05 20 13;53 IMG_4151

So, to most Canadian reading this, Happy BC Day, or whatever your province calls the long weekend.

The above photos were taken with dual Canon SX600 cameras