This is part of a larger series; I’d recommend that everyone read the overview first.

I’ve covered my JYC filter before, but with my fixed criteria, I’ll give it a more detailed look. The JYC filters(yes, I bought more than one) were ultra-cheap filters I found on Ebay. They passed my three point test for ultra-cheap Ebay items:

1- Do they look like what they’re supposed to be? YES

2- Did I get tetanus from touching them? NO

3- Would I burn the house down if I tried to use it? NO


As they passed that test, I can’t be upset with them. However, how do they stack up to other, more expensive, filters?

I am reviewing every filter based on seven criteria.

1- How is the packaging design(0% of total score)?

2: How is the protective case size & durability(5% of total score)?

3- Do the reflections off the glass look off-colour(5% of the total score)?

4- Does it block UV light for my full-spectrum camera(35% of total score)?

5: Does it block any light for my full spectrum camera(10% of total score)?

6: does it block any UV fluorescence from a black light(35% of total score)?

7: How reasonable is the price(10% of the total score)?


1- Packaging: 0 out of 5.

The filters came wrapped in a thin bubble wrap, taped between two pieces of blank cardboard. It’s not the most appealing packaging design…unless they’re designing the package ironically, in which case my score goes up to 5 out of 5.


2- Protective case: 1 out of 5.

Bubble wrap is not the best case for a thin filter. The cardboard is biodegradable, though.


3- Discoloured Reflections off the glass: 0 out of 5.

Now it looks like there is is faint off-colour green reflection in the bottom left of the camera:

_MG_3644 (Medium)

That is a mistake on my part- what looks like a reflection is an ornament in the yard.

_MG_3642 (Medium)


4- Blocking UV light from entering my camera: 1 out of 5.

_MG_3651 (Medium)

I already reviewed this, so I’m not too let down, but it blocks nothing in the short wavelengths, and almost nothing in the near UV range.

_MG_3655 (Medium)

I’m going to keep repeating this for every review, but just because it is slightly darker in full UV doesn’t mean it has a blocking filter. It just means that glass absorbs a little UV light.

4-  Blocking other wavelengths: 0 out of 5.

_MG_3645 (Medium)

It does seem to reflect a bit more glare than other  filters, but I think that only means the glass is poorer quality. If you’re looking for a crystal clear filter, that might be a problem, but I’m only looking for UV blocking, so I already know it fails. It is clear enough through the naked eye that I’m not even giving it that point.

_MG_3936 (Medium)

Infrared is clear as well- I don’t really have any expectations that it would be otherwise.


6: Blocking UV florescence: 1 out of 5.

_MG_2611 (Medium)

That hurts. It doesn’t really hurt that my JYC lens doesn’t block any UV light, it hurts that in these tests, it performs about the same as a lens that costs ten times as much. I don’t expect it to work as well as my unknown brand of lens, but I thought it would work worse than other filters.

_MG_2605 (Medium)

It might be slightly worse than Hoya, but not enough to matter. I trusted Hoya, and feel let down. I had only bemused contempt for JYC, and it has lived up to that!

7- Price: 5 out of 5.

I bought mine for  $1.89 CDN with free shipping. I see they are selling for over two dollars now, so I made a good investment. Does it work, no, but the prices don’t lie.

Except yes, they do. I just said that the prices were lies three paragraphs ago. I was talking about other filters. That doesn’t apply to JYC, as it works about as well as a $1.89 camera filter should work.




Final Score: Twenty five percent!

It fails on every test, but I don’t hate this filter. I didn’t expect much, and it does have some uses. I mentioned before that it blocks so little UV light that I can use it to protect my UV pass lenses, and I do.

However, in the process of writing these reviews, I’ve started using it for a second purpose- as a control to other tests, especially for the black light tests. I will probably use it in future reviews as a control rather than the Schott BG40 lens, as it sets a very, very low bar for the other filters to beat.

So, despite failing every single test, JYC gets a very respectable 5th place!