This is part of a larger series; I’d recommend that everyone read the overview first.

So, to start off with the UV filters, lets look at the controls for the test. Control # 1 is my eyeglasses- I’m very nearsighted, so the glasses are on me for most of my waking day.

They’re not sunglasses, however. Are they any good at blocking UV light? Yes they are. I have the extra coating on my glasses to reduce violet light, and they work great!

As the control, I am judging my glasses by the same criteria as the UV filters being reviewed. for the reasons discussed in the overview,  I am not judging on how clear the image is; if I did, my glasses would get bottom marks for anyone other than me.

The criteria are:

1- How is the packaging design(0% of total score)?

2: How is the protective case size & durability(5% of total score)?

3- Do the reflections off the glass look off-colour(5% of the total score)?

4- Does it block UV light for my full-spectrum camera(35% of total score)?

5: Does it block any light for my full spectrum camera(10% of total score)?

6: does it block any UV fluorescence  from a black light(35% of total score)?

7: How reasonable is the price(10% of the total score)?

How do my glasses stack up? well…


1:- The packaging: n/a out of 5.

My glasses didn’t come packaged, however, samples were on display to browse through. If other UV filters had this, I wouldn’t have had to return so many.


2- Protective Case: 5 out of 5. Perfect!

The glasses came with my choice of protective case, I not only found a good one, but  good one in a nice false chrome colour!


3- Reflections on the glass: 5 out of 5. Another Perfect!

With the filter on my glasses, short wavelength light is blocked in the far violet range. It results in my glasses usually having a violet reflection, even if the only light source is the sun on a clear day:

2018 10 22 10;29 _MG_3487 (Medium)

My glasses are fairly clear, but there is a very faint yellow tinge when looking through them. I tried to photograph it, but my camera didn’t pick it up. It is so minor that I don’t usually notice it; it is a result of blocking the far range of violet light.

4: Stopping UV light from entering my camera: 5 out of 5. Yet another perfect!

The UV blocking abilities are even noticeable with my short pass filter, which allows visible light in the blue and violet spectrum through: 2018 10 22 10;30 _MG_3491 (Medium)

Blocking visible light entirely, the lenses are pretty much opaque.

2018 10 22 10;31 _MG_3497 (Medium) ..Yeah, that is what I’m hoping to find in a UV filter for my camera. Even dollar-store reading glasses have some UV protection, but a high end coating for prescription glasses is much better.


5: Blocking other wavelengths from a camera: 1 out of 5.

Well, that breaks the winning streak. As I mentioned, the lenses add a slightly yellow tint when I wear them. It therefore blocks a little bit of visible light, so it gets a point. It isn’t much good blocking infrared light, though:

2018 10 22 10;39 _MG_3532 (Medium)

I didn’t expect it to block IR light, though, so I’m not disappointed. IT is still heads and shoulders above my other reviewed filters.


6- Blocking UV florescence:  5 out of 5. We’re back to perfect fives.

_MG_2652 (Medium)

I compared this to my ‘unknown’ UV filter, another control, and to my JYC filter(the very very low bar of UV filters). The shadow cast is as good or better than the ‘unknown filter’, and compared to the JYC filter?

…well, I didn’t take the JYC glass out of the filter ring, although it might look like it. It just doesn’t block anything. Unlike my glasses, which are performing beyond my expectations!


7-Price: 3 out of 5.  Much too expensive. I’m not going to skip on them, though- this is something that I need to wear to be functional throughout the day. I can afford good ones, so It’s a price I’ll willingly pay.




Eighty eight percent and one N/A! I think that’s an A grade!

After comparing my glasses to the UV filters I reviewed… well, my glasses outperformed them all. I said I’d judge the controls by the same standards as the real reviews, so… first place, I guess? I mean the lenses are as blurry as anything, but if I’m not reviewing how clear the final image is(and I specifically said that I’m not), then this seems to be the best.