This is part of a larger series; I’d recommend that everyone read the overview first.

Platinum is one of those brands that I’ve never heard of. It is good enough to be in a department store(Best Buy), so I’m not giving it a pass on that front. I’m pretty sure the metal Platinum blocks UV light, because it is an opaque metal and blocks pretty much all light. However, I suspect that the lens might not be made of real platinum, because platinum is not glass. Is it just as good? lets find out!

… well, I already know, and if you viewed the overview, you do too, but lets pretend it’s all new and promising.


As stated in my overview, the seven criteria I’m judging by are:

1- How is the packaging design(0% of total score)?

2: How is the protective case size & durability(5% of total score)?

3- Do the reflections off the glass look off-colour(5% of the total score)?

4- Does it block UV light for my full-spectrum camera(35% of total score)?

5: Does it block any light for my full spectrum camera(10% of total score)?

6: does it block any UV fluorescence  from a black light(35% of total score)?

7: How reasonable is the price(10% of the total score)?


1- The Packaging: 5 out of 5. Perfect!

This is cool packaging- full props to the designer!

2018 10 22 10;42 _MG_3540 (Medium)2018 10 22 10;42 _MG_3541 (Medium)

It has a nice, minimalist look. It looks scientific and professional. I like this package. I could put it on the wall and make people think I’m a smart. Periodic table themed decorations for the win!

It has one difference from other packages- it doesn’t make false claims about blocking UV light on the back. It has one line, ‘Helps reduce haze and glare’, that implies that it blocks UV light, but it doesn’t directly say it. I’m not sure if I should add points or take them away for this. If it doesn’t block UV light(spoiler- it doesn’t), at least it isn’t falsely claiming that as a selling point, but it is still called a UV filter. A Multicoated UV filter, in fact!


2- The protective case: 4 out of 5.

Not much to say about it- Nicely padded, and it would protect the filter.


3- The reflections off the glass: 0 out of 5.

2018 10 22 10;35 _MG_3513 (Medium)

Nothing. the reflections are exactly the same colour as the object in real life. C’mon, Platinum! You have the coolest package of the lot! Live up to it! Be at least a little capable.


4- UV light blockage seen from my camera: 1 out of 5.

2018 10 22 10;38 _MG_3526 (Medium)

… or don’t. What is this? You’re pretty, so you don’t bother putting in any effort?You don’t get off that easily!

The sky is very slightly darker again, so it gets a point.  One out of five is not a win. It is more likely a ‘we didn’t actually put any coating on the glass, but glass blocks a little UV light anyways’ score. Every UV filter tested has blocked a small amount of UV light. My BG40 filter, designed specifically to allow UV light through, blocks about the same amount as this filter, which is ‘designed’ to block it.


5- Blocking other wavelengths: 5 out of 5. Perfect Score!

Hahaha, of course not. That would imply that they’re making an effort.

Revised Score: 0 out of 5.


2018 10 22 10;36 _MG_3516 (Medium)

The lens is perfectly clear in the visible range…

2018 10 22 10;39 _MG_3535 (Medium)

… and in the near-infrared range too.

6: Blocking UV Florescence: 0 out of 5.

IMG_1312 (Medium)

Spoiler for a future post I’m working on- stamps look cool under black lights! I took this photo when photographing some stamps, as opposed to photographing it on white paper. It doesn’t really make a difference, as this filter showed.

You’re all pretty on the outside, platinum, but completely worthless inside!

… I kind of respect that. I’m the same way, except for the ‘Pretty on the outside’ part. You still get a zero, though.


7- Price: 1.5 out of 5.

The Platinum filter was $20.99 CDN. It doesn’t block UV light better than any cheaper filters. However, I do like the package better. Would I buy it for the package? no, but I also don’t think a sideways urinal is groundbreaking, so what do I know about fine art?




fourteen. percent…. FOURTEEN PERCENT!

This UV filter does not get the platinum medal. It does not get a gold medal, silver, or even bronze. It gets 6th place. The medal for that is nothing, which is exactly how much UV this filter blocks.