Red/Cyan 3D glasses are needed to view the photos in this post.

Well, after way too much writing about broken UV Filters, I’m ready to go back to my main topic- Pretty pictures of places(I might not know how to use the word ‘topic’). Actually, I’m not quite done with UV filters yet- there’s one point I mentioned that I’m going to elaborate on a bit further, but I’ll release that post sometime as an extra article for the week.

Until then, I just wanted to write a short post about somewhere.That somewhere is the Pilots’ Monument(which I also saw spelled as The Pilot’s Monument and the Pilots Monument, because apostrophes are hard for signmakers).

Yellowknife is relatively flat-  not ‘prairie’ flat, but flatter than most of the cities or towns I’ve visited in BC or the Yukon. There is enough uneven ground(paired with exposed bedrock) that the city would have been difficult to build, but there are no massive hills or mountains around the region.  As such, the Pilot’s Monument, on a rocky hill, stands out (2D photo):

2016 08 22 16;47 FS _MG_4583

It is the small pillar on top of the hill. I had an opportunity to experience yellowknife road work when visiting- lucky me!

The monument is dedicated to the early bush pilots of the NWT, pilots who played a major part connecting the vast regions of the territory.

2016 08 22 20;39 L IMG_4197

A light at the top of the monument flashes when float planes are active in the area, but I never saw it on (likely because I usually came near sunset).

2016 08 21 20;54 R IMG_5044

There’s just the small monument at the top of a long staircase. I assume the top is next to residential property, because there is a small shed and porch beside the monument.

2016 08 22 20;39 R IMG_5158

I don’t know why it looks so run-down. If I owned the property, I’d be up there all the time- maybe I’d put a small office in the shed. That’s because the monument itself might not look too impressive(and looks aren’t deceiving, in this case), but the view is spectacular!

2016 08 21 20;50 L IMG_4116

The monument is on a peninsula; farther north, the Yellowknife River drains into Great Slave Lake. This photo looks back to downtown Yellowknife.

2016 08 22 20;36 L IMG_4195

In another direction, the hill has an excellent view of the houseboats of Yellowknife- the sheltered arm here must protect them from the elements to some degree.

I took a lot of 3d photos of the houseboats, but most didn’t turn out. I had been treating them as fixed objects, ignoring the fact that they bob and shift position with the water. As a result, they were in different positions between the time I took the left and the right photos. Live and learn, I guess. These last couple of photos are 3D for that reason.

Here is another photo of the houseboats at dusk:

2016 08 21 20;56 R IMG_5053

And finally, the reason I only came in evening: the sunsets.

2016 08 23 20;53 FS _MG_5031

This photo was from my last day in Yellowknife; by the next morning, it had turned overcast and rainy. This sunset made for a good farewell.




The above photos were taken with two Canon SX600 is cameras.