I’m back! Just a quick update to say that I’m back at home and working on some new posts. I’d been rushing to finish that last post before I left, so sorry if it seemed a little hurried.

About that last post. I had said previously that I was going to drive east until I ran out of time or road(or out of money, which I didn’t mention, but that is always assumed). As it turned out, ‘running out of’ wasn’t the limiting factor on my trip as much as ‘running into’. As a hypothetical example, a sentence could be constructed similar to the one above, such as “I was going to drive east until I ‘ran into’ a hurricane”. And, hypothetically, if I didn’t want to ‘run into’ a hurricane, or even just wait for the hurricane to ‘run into’ me, I had better ‘run away from’ the hurricane fairly quickly.

You know. Hypothetically.

So, where  did I go? Well, first I… wait. I just need to take a deep breath first. Okay, here goes…

Of course I started from British Columbia

2019 08 23 18;44 t3 _MG_6129
These are of course all photos from my trip, meaning this is the road conditions I started my trip with.


…. and to go east I drove through Alberta

2019 08 24 19;00 t3 _MG_6300


…before crossing into the USA at Montana

2019 08 25 13;15 R IMG_8391


….and continuing through Wyoming

2019 08 26 10;32 R IMG_8426



2019 08 26 12;26 R IMG_8494



2019 08 28 16;58 t3 _MG_7176



2019 08 29 16;08 R IMG_9235



2019 08 29 14;06 R IMG_9158



2019 08 30 06;19 t3 _MG_7253



2019 08 30 10;11 R IMG_9318


West Virginia

2019 08 31 07;35 t3 _MG_7371



2019 08 31 09;39 t3 _MG_7468


New York

2019 09 01 12;44 R IMG_9822



2019 09 01 16;43 t3 _MG_7598


New Hampshire

2019 09 02 06;29 t3 _MG_7610


… and Maine

2019 09 02 14;33 t3 _MG_7665


…after which I crossed back over the border into New Brunswick.

2019 09 03 10;47 R IMG_0096


I was actually in and out of New Brunswick a few times, as it is the only land route into Nova Scotia

2019 09 05 05;02 R IMG_0328


and Prince Edward Island.

2019 09 05 14;29 R IMG_0523


Due to hypothetical weather, I didn’t see much of those two provinces, instead opting for hypothetical reasons to spend a bit more time in Quebec

2019 09 07 10;28 R IMG_0709



2019 09 12 06;33 R IMG_2240
For certain reasons, I decided not to take a swim here.



2019 09 16 17;01 R IMG_3078


… and Saskatchewan

2019 09 18 08;52 FS _MG_6999


…before returning to Alberta

2019 09 21 12;53 t3 _MG_9003


and back home to British Columbia.

2019 09 21 17;35 R IMG_3698


Still a little while before I start posting anything detailed; I’m starting a couple new posts, and maybe next week one will be ready? Maybe? A while longer before I start writing about this trip, as I still have to sort through all my photos.

Maybe by then I’ll have looked up what ‘hypothetical’ means.





















































No, really. Why are you still reading this? I’m done. I’ve been literally traveling for a month, and I’m tired. I’ve been cut, scratched, bruised, poked, bitten, punctured, pierced, burned, and if I didn’t get Lyme disease, it’s only because the ticks thought I looked too pathetic to eat. Go away!



































































Really? I told you to go away! Do you feel some obsessive need to scroll to the bottom? Fine.

Curiosity might have killed the cat, but at least it got to see some cool things in the meantime. As a reward, here’s a sneak peak of what will be coming eventually. Red/Cyan 3D glasses are needed, etc, etc.

PRO_SELFIE, Android 8.1.0

My first thermal 3D photo, and that’s all you’re getting.

Now get lost! I want to sleep.