No 3D or infrared photos this time, just normal pictures.

Back in 2011, I started taking longer solo road trips. One of these trips was to Alberta’s Waterton National Park.

Waterton National Park lies on the Canadian side of the Alberta/Montana border. There is a small town, which serves as a ‘base camp’ for all the hikers and tourists. A trail passes the border into Glacier National Park in Montana. By taking the trail or a small passenger ferry, tourists can reach Montana’s Goat Haunt Ranger Station,  and a continuing along a longer multi-day hike allows hikers to reach the roadways in Glacier Park. The two parks together are considered a UNESCO World Heritage site.

These photos are not taken in Waterton Park itself, but rather on the road to the park. The Alberta prairies transition into mountains from the viewpoint.  If I had to choose only one of my photos to represent Alberta, it would be this one:

Outside Waterton Pk My camera at the time had started to have some issues on this trip- the lens was making grinding noises any time I turned it on or tried to focus it. I found a cheap Samson ES25 point and shoot camera to last me the rest of the trip, and took these photos with it. I was impressed with how the camera worked, and after the trip was over, I bought a second one. I used them together for the next few years as a 3D camera rig.2011-08-24-sam_0118