3D glasses needed here.

Following up on the last post, I have my 3D photos of the Cirque of the Unclimbables in Nahanni National Park, Canada. Two photos, both in the visible spectrum(I do make infrared 3D photos, but not often).

I have two Canon sX210 cameras mounted together for 3D photography, but for long ranges(such as mountains), the cameras are too close together. For the first photograph, I separated my camera and used a timers; for the second, I used my Canon T3i camera and just took the pictures while walking back and forth. In both cases, the separation between the cameras was probably about 10-15 metres.


It’s tricky to separate the cameras that much- the exaggerated 3D effect can make objects in the foreground hard to focus on. If the cameras were much further apart here, the trees by the lake would be impossible to look at with 3D glasses. However, closer together, and the mountains wouldn’t stand out.

R Unruh