Red/Cyan 3D glasses are needed for this post(other than the image above)

I’ve driven through Jasper National Park many times, and seen wildlife almost every time. The most commonly seen, in my experience, are elk and bighorn sheep. Less common, but still regularly seen, are mountain goats. Often, I only see them at a distance; they are only seen as white spots up a hill or in the mountains. During winter, they’re almost invisible.

During a trip in 2012, however, a small herd was grazing alongside the road of the Icefield Parkway(Highway 93). For once, they were close enough for 3D pictures to be taken. They were in the process of molting, so there are several patches of skin that appear to be bare. There’s not much else to say about these pictures, so here they are.

2012 06 21 1506 SAM_12072012 06 21 1505 SAM_1202


I’ve been regularly updating the blog for almost two months now, and I’ve refined my plans for it as I’ve gained experience. For the foreseeable future, unless I’m away, I’ll normally post two updates a week. One will focus on my 3D photos, and the other will be devoted to photos in different spectra. I might post a third post on differing subjects when I feel like it, but not weekly. I’m probably going to keep jumping around with my posts, as opposed to doing several posts on a specific area or posting photos in chronological order. I have a large backlog of photos, and want to keep my posts varied.

At least, those are my plans at the present. We’ll see how long I can stick to them. Thanks for reading.