Happy St Patrick’s Day! I haven’t explored Ireland much; my experience in the country is limited to two days in Dublin, and a return train trip from Dublin to Northern Ireland. So, to celebrate the day, I thought I’d include photos of one of Dublin’s Churches. I didn’t make it to St Patrick’s Church, and only saw the outside of St Patrick’s Cathedral, so I don’t have any pictures relating to buildings named after the saint himself. Still, as it’s n Irish holiday, I figure I can at least post some pictures from Ireland.

St Audoen’s Church was the second place I visited in Ireland, after the Guinness Storehouse. It is a 12th century church in downtown Dublin. Part of it is still used as a parish for the Church of Ireland.

The Church tower dates from the 17th century, and was what drew me to the church. I took photos of it both in the visible spectrum, and with my UG11 filter(which eliminates the visible spectrum, and allows the ultraviolet and infrared spectra to pass through the filter).

2015 05 23 12;57 _MG_08362015 05 23 12;59 _MG_0838

The following pictures are all in 3D, so red/cyan 3D glasses are needed.

The Portlester chapel, dating from the 15th century, is exposed to the air; it’s roof collapsed centuries ago. It feels like an open courtyard now.

2015 05 23 13;20 L IMG_01312015 05 23 13;16 R IMG_0027

Finally, something I can’t write anything about, as I forgot what it was(I did ask at the time). This carving was in the protected area of the church, near the nave. the 3D effect works well at highlighting the detail of the carvings.2015 05 23 13;22 _MG_0847

Hope you have a good St Patrick’s Day!