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Along British Columbia’s Highway 97, Between the communities of Quesnel and McLeese Lake, you can see a small hill. as you drive by, you might notice that vertical rock columns are exposed on the hill. These columns are known as the Devil’s Fence Posts.2012 08 04 1249 IMG_6724

Like Wyoming’s Devils Tower, California’s Devils Postpile in California(apparently, there seems to be a strong relationship between these features and the devil), or Northern Ireland’s Giants Causeway, the Devil’s Fence Posts are formed from basalt columns. The basalt originated from a lava flow, cooling and cracking into repeating patterns. Details of how the columns form can be read here.

Unlike the other examples above, the Devils Fence Posts are not in a park or protected area. The columns aren’t hard to see, but there are no signs pointing them out, and no special parking areas to view them. So, if you’re in that area, keep your eyes open.