Red/Cyan 3D glasses are needed to view these pictures.

I talked about the Nisga’a Memorial Lava Beds Provincial Park in my last post, and don’t really have much else to add to what I wrote about them then. As promised last time, I am posting some 3D photos of the lava beds.

These photos were taken on the Tree Mould Trail near the Nisga’a village of Gitwinksihlkw. The trail is fairly flat, and is a very easy hike- just watch your footing for cracks in the rocks. There aren’t any trail markers, but unlike the surrounding lava flow, the trail is bare rock, with little vegetation.In this photo, you can see the Nass Road on the left side below the power line, and the bare rock trail on the right.2016 08 30 11;27 R IMG_5821

The trail leads to a few tree moulds- Lava flowed around the trees, and cooled around the trunks. Two centuries later, and the tree trunks are gone, leaving circular holes in the solidified lava.

2016 08 30 11;59 FS _MG_7413

Aside from the flows, the short hike offers excellent views of the lava fields in the park, and a chance to explore the vegetation.

2016 08 30 11;50 FS _MG_74062016 08 30 11;36 FS _MG_73862016 08 30 11;31 L IMG_46572016 08 30 11;31 L IMG_46552016 08 30 11;31 FS _MG_73722016 08 30 11;30 FS _MG_7370

The park is beautiful and haunting, with much to explore. Perhaps next time, I’ll even see the sun and blue sky there.

I’ve been having intermittent internet outages due to the fires in Central BC, so updates might be even more erratic than usual for a little while.