Several of the following photos are in 3D, and Red/Cyan glasses are needed to view them.

Well, I’ve been slow with posts since December- I’ve been busy with several other projects. I’ll try to keep to a regular schedule, but no promises for a little while. Anyways…

In 2012, I was traveling from Ontario to BC, and stopped in Saskatchewan. After visiting with some family in Saskatoon, I headed southeast and visited the community of Manitou Beach. The town lies on the banks of Little Manitou Lake, a saltwater lake. As is usual for lakes with high salinity, the lake has no creeks or rivers exiting the lake; as water evaporates, the minerals remain and increase in concentration. It doesn’t compare with the United States’ Great Salt Lake- Little Manitou Lake is much, much smaller. Still, saltwater lakes are unusual enough that it is still impressive(there’s also a ‘big’ Manitou Lake in the province- I haven’t been there yet).

Manitou Beach is a small resort community on the shores of the lake- it has a population of about 250 within the town. It was fairly quiet when I was there in June; probably it was still a little too early for the summer swimmers and tourists.

I didn’t swim during my visit, for two reasons:

1: The weather was cool and rainy, which isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker for me, but there was a good chance that a thunderstorm was coming quickly(which IS a deal breaker).

2: The lake was flooding- the beach I had planned to swim at was flooded. Again, that wouldn’t usually be a problem for me… except the outhouse at the beach was half-sunken into the lake.

Flooding has been a regular problem for the community by the lake- with no rivers draining the water from the lake, the only way to remove water is through evaporation. Due to the fact that I hadn’t updated my GPS, I found that the road I had planned to take was…not feasible to drive.2012 06 14 1408 IMG_43512012 06 14 1407 IMG_4348

Retracing my steps, I took a few 3D photos of the flooding. Several didn’t turn out- the water was moving too fast, and looked off when I converted my photos. Two of an abandoned structure, however, turned out perfectly.2012 06 14 1412 SAM_0411 3d2012 06 14 1413 SAM_0693

I love swimming, and floating in Little Manitou Lake is still on my to-do list. Next time, however, I’ll try to avoid any beaches near outhouses.