Last week, I mentioned that I’d post a few photos of the wildlife in Wood Buffalo Park- most of the photos I took were too far away to get a good 3D Photo, so these are all normal photographs. They aren’t all the best photos(mostly they were taken during cloudy evenings, from a distance), but they give an idea of the common wildlife in the park

Among the animals that I saw, but didn’t get a photo of, are a wolf(or coyote- I only had a quick glimpse of it), deer, beavers, and muskrats.

So, lets start off with bison again.

2016 08 18 10;45 L IMG_3931 (Medium)

The bison here had a broken horn- a small spruce sapling is wedged into it. Perhaps a result of rutting behaviour? It didn’t seem to affect the animal very much.

Bison were the most common animal I saw in the park- in fact, they’re fairly common as far away as northeastern BC. I saw both adult bison foraging alone during the daytime:

2016 08 18 10;47 R IMG_4487 (Medium)

… and calves playing in the evening.

2016 08 20 16;02 FS _MG_3960 (Medium)2016 08 20 16;02 FS _MG_3950 (Medium)

There were plenty of smaller animals too. After dusk, I saw over 30 rabbits on Pine Lake Road(IE- the only road that goes deep into the park).

2016 08 19 21;00 R IMG_4782 (Medium)

I also had shrews run across the paths while I was hiking.

2016 08 18 18;23 R IMG_4665 (Medium)

And of course, the black bears. I already mentioned the bear cubs…

2016 08 18 11;03 R IMG_4496 (Medium)

… here is the mother.

2016 08 18 11;03 R IMG_4493 (Medium)

And then there are the birds. I never saw an whooping cranes, but their more common cousins, the sandhill crane, also frequent the park.

2016 08 17 18;38 R IMG_4463 (Medium)

I’ve mentioned the flocks of Canada Geese before.

2016 08 19 12;35 R IMG_4707 (Medium)

Loons are also common…


as are grouse.

2016 08 19 17;43 R IMG_4719 (Medium)

My highlight was being watched by an owl- it flew off quickly after I noticed it, but I did get one photo first.

2016 08 19 18;01 R IMG_4726 (Medium)

In case you’re wondering, the green thing is a caterpillar- don’t ask me the species(for the caterpillar or the owl).

I never saw any pelicans- they nest on the Slave River in the town of Fort Smith. The town is right on the edge of the park, so I’m sure they must visit. I took photos of them in the town, so it wasn’t a big deal to see them again.

Finally, there are the fish in Pine Lake. The lake is created from a sinkhole. The lake is fed from water flowing through the limestone,  and there is no surface water flowing into it.(an fact, a chain of such lakes can be seen in satellite photos leading to the Peace River). Despite the lack of flowing water above-ground, the lake is perfectly clear and great for swimming(as long as you don’t mind cold water). Fish can’t easily move into or out of the lake- those species that do live in it are very small.


Those are the species I photographed- there are many more in the park. It’s a fairly isolated region, but for wildlife, Wood Buffalo Park is well worth the drive.