Red/Cyan 3D glasses are needed for viewing the photos in this post.

So, last weekend was both the Royal Wedding and Victoria Day… only one of them gives me a day off work, though. So to celebrate the momentous occasion of having a three day weekend, here are my 3D photos of Buckingham Palace.

The weather wasn’t the best when I saw Buckingham Palace- the rain had let up the previous day, but it was still cloudy and cool. I had already been on the London Eye, and had seen the Palace of Westminster, The Churchill War Rooms, and St James Park.

It wasn’t a big priority for me to see  the palace(now the Tower of London, on the other hand…), but I was in the area, and figured I’d regret it if I didn’t at least take a look. As I approached the palace, several soldiers in full regalia passed by on horseback. I got off a good 2D photo immediately…

2015 06 01 13;51 _MG_4370

… but by the time I took out my 3D cameras, they had passed by.2015 06 01 13;52 R IMG_1033

… and before you ask, yes, I did have three cameras on me at the time- my full spectrum camera(with a filter usually on to keep it in the visible spectrum), and my two 3D cameras. I also take my thermal IR camera with me now, so if traveling, I have at least four cameras on my person.

Anyways, I approached the palace:

2015 06 01 13;53 L IMG_0928

and it looked… fine, I guess. It’s not ugly, but kind of plain. I’ve seen photos of it before, so had an idea of how it looked, but I still expected a bit more ornamentation. It’s fancier than anything in my town, but looked very utilitarian. Most of the provincial capitals in Canada have fancier legislature buildings, and there were so many buildings in London that looked more impressive.

It makes sense- as opposed to all the medieval castles and palaces, Buckingham Palace was mostly constructed during the Georgian period, fairly recently in the history of London. When the property came into the possession of the Royal Family, it was rebuilt as a secondary residence closer to the centre of England’s government.  Windsor palace, by all accounts, is much more impressive.

The gates surrounding Buckingham Palace, however, were fit for royalty.

2015 06 01 14;01 R IMG_1050

After leaving the palace, I walked by the adjacent Wellington Barracks, where troops were performing a drill. Another Georgian building, the barracks has a museum devoted to the history of the foot guards, but I didn’t realize that at the time.

2015 06 01 14;14 L IMG_09572015 06 01 14;14 L IMG_0955

After that, back to explore the rest of the city. The amazing thing about London is that it is so vast and so filled with history, there isn’t a hope of seeing it all.