Red/Cyan 3D glasses are needed to view the photos in this post.

Time to finish off my series about Mascot Mines(until they reopen and I can get some new photos). This is probably going to be a short one, as I’ve run out of facts to misquote. I might also be running out of jokes, or perhaps I ran out a long, long, time ago.

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For the record, here is Part one(3D photos), here is part 2 here is part 2(multispectral photos). What’s left? What about 3D AND infrared photos?

But first, for those who didn’t read the previous posts(which is, according to my statistics…everybody), The mascot mines is an abandoned gold mine in southern British Columbia. Abandoned mines are uncommon, but aren’t all that rare, but ones that were built out of a cliffside are a bit more unusual. I visited in 2015, and took these pictures then. If you see these photos and want to visit, what’s the best time? …2015 was a good time, but I’d avoid anytime after 2017, as the tours have been on ‘indefinite hiatus’ since then. Just my personal opinion, of course.

I really don’t have too many multispectral 3D photos, as I wasn’t doing it as often back in those ancient days. I mean I took more than one photo, of course. I put some effort into 3D, even back then.

I took two.

First, I’ll post another photo.

Yes, this is a repeat of a photo in part one. It’s just to compare the 3D in the visible spectrum to the other wavelengths, and I didn’t want to set up a new photo just for comparison. Look, I have no clue how this new layout works and I just want to get this post working without [IMAGE_unavailable]. AND WHAT IS A ‘BLOCK?’ I don’t need to ‘Start writing or type’. I’M ALREADY WRITING! NO, YOU’RE GRAMMAR IS INCORRECT! I WRITE GOOD!

Okay, I’m all better now.

The infrared photo I took was with my Zomei 760 nm filter. In the near infrared, the complex looks like this:


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Did I mention that I hate change? I also hate this weird little menu that keeps popping up while I write.

I’m not going to talk much about the photo; again, I wrote in more detail about the different spectra in part 2. IR is fairly clear, but it is great at cutting through any haze.

The other photo I took was using my Schott UG11 filter, a dual-bandpass filter that allows infrared and ultraviolet light in, while blocking visible light.

Okay, program. Big photo. Please.

There, that wasn’t so hard, was it?


Umm… me and the computer are going to have a long, long, talk, probably involving hammers… But first lets talk about the photo again. I went over this in part 2, but again, the mines were very hazy in ultraviolet from that angle(closer to the sun). As the UG11 filter is allowing UV light through, it looks hazy as well. The infrared portion of the photo, as seen in the 760 nm photo above, is clear, so the haze doesn’t obscure the structures or mountaintop as much as it alters the colour of them.

I am trying to get more into a regular schedule, but might be playing around trying to figure this new system out, so I’ll probably be skipping writing next week. I’m shooting for 3 posts a month right now.

Here’s another repeat 3D photo(visible spectrum) for the road.

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