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And now we all have a headache.

So,  apparently this is my 100th post, so lets go back to one of the first locations I wrote about: That park I went to! That should narrow it down.

Okay, It’s Nahanni National Park, in the North West Territories. It was my second post, but my first post was mostly a test to make sure I knew what I was doing. Nahanni was my first REAL post, where I discussed a location in detail.  There’s the post, from way back when I was trying to sound professional. I also wrote about it here, and here, and here. No, of course I haven’t run out of photos yet. I try to vary my blog posts, as I get bored writing about the same thing week after week.

I’ve mentally divided my Nahanni trip into five parts; The Cirque of the Unclimbables and Virgina Falls were the two parts where I could explore the park a little bit on foot. The other three parts were the flights from Fort Simpson to Virginia Falls, Virginia Falls to the Cirque, and from the Cirque to Little Doctor Lake, outside the park.

This is from the first leg of the trip. I already posted the photo of the planes at the Simpson Air docks in Fort Simpson:

2016 08 25 09;11 R IMG_5394

Fort Simpson is fairly flat. The town is at the confluence of the Mackenzie River, probably the most important river for travelling in the Northwest Territories, and the Liard River, which flows  into the Mackenzie from northern British Columbia.

The location doesn’t seem right for a trip into the mountains. mostly because it is flat. Did I mention that? It’s very, very, flat.2016 08 25 09;29 FS _MG_5255 c

From this direction, there wasn’t much in the way of foothills when entering the mountain range; instead, a long ridge heralded the airplane’s entrance into the park.

2016 08 25 10;03 FS _MG_5282

On the other side of the ridge, the park REALLY begins!

2016 08 25 10;16 FS _MG_5377

I flew through Nahanni Park; I wold much rather go back and do a week-long rafting trip, because the South Nahanni River looks amazing! I definitely have plans in the future to raft or kayak the river( These plans will occur someday, when I’m rich).

2016 08 25 10;31 FS _MG_5496

Above is  ‘The Gate’,  one of the many canyons along the route through the South Nahanni River.  The way most river trips occur is with a flight dropping the rafters off, then a ride downriver to the town of Nahanni Butte(no road access into there, so a flight out to Fort Simpson is next).

I would probably be regretting the choice during one of the portages(ie Virginia Falls)…

2016 08 25 10;47 FS _MG_5605

… but honestly, the scenery in the park would be all worth it.

2016 08 25 10;20 FS _MG_5424

So, more photos of Nahanni coming eventually. Maybe in another two years, maybe whenever I feel like it.


The above photos were taken with a Canon Rebel T3i camera